We encourage questions from our customers to ensure full disclosure and transparency. Here are a list of FAQ's we have experienced to date. There will undoubtedly be more, so please contact us.

Q: How does the Stealth Hitch actually work?

A: Stealth utilises a specialised stainless steel vertical latch block that is attached to the vehicle frame and is completely concealed behind the vehicle bumper. Separate detachable components provide connections for both racks and towing. These components are easily attached or detached, without tools, via a “quick-release” mechanism.

Q: Does the Hitch come with warranty?

A: Yes, all Stealth products are guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle.

Q: Does the installation come with warranty?

A: Yes, all our installers offer a minimum of 12-months warranty on all their workmanship following the installation process.

Q: Does the installation of a hitch or tow bar void my car’s warranty?

A: No, the act of installing a hitch or any aftermarket product does not void a car’s warranty. The car manufacturer will have to demonstrate that the hitch or tow bar directly caused the issue to whatever it is they are trying to void.

Q: Do you provide local wiring harness?

A: Yes. Our Australian wiring harnesses are universal ECU’s with a 7-pin flat plug connection.

Q: Does the wiring harness isolate trailer or bike rack connections from the car?

A: Yes, via the ECU control box built into the loom. This ensures that if any faults are to occur on the trailer or bike rack, the car is protected.

Q: Is the reverse lamp wiring compulsory?

A: The provisions for reverse lamps in ADR 13/00 indicates that reverse lamps are optional on trailers. There is also no ADR’s covering lamp systems on bike racks. If these systems are required by State registration authorities or road use regulators at State or Territory level, then the requirements must be stipulated by that State authority.

Q. If i buy the Stealth "rack only" option, can i buy the tongue and tow ball component later?

A: Yes. However please note you will need to remove the bumper off again to install the safety hooks.

Q: Is there any welding requirements to attach the hitch?

A: No. Stealth specifically design the hitches to employ the existing connection points of the vehicle. By using the same connection points as the vehicle manufacturer, it also protects the crumple zones of the vehicle.

Q: Is a cut-out on my bumper required?

A: Check underneath your rear bumper (rear fascia or gravel guard) to see if there is a manufactured latch opening for a tow bar insertion. If not, a neat and small cut-out is required. EV Stealth Solutions is working with designers to manufacture a part to reattach the cut-out when not in use.

Q: Will I see a cut-out on my bumper?

A: No. All hitch accessories are designed to be vertically inserted behind the bumper. Some models require an opening under the vehicle to connect the accessories to the latch block. This sometimes means that there is an unseen trim under the vehicle, usually to the gravel guard or rear fascia.

Q: Can someone steal the detachable part of the hitch?

A: No. The integrated push lock secures the accessory. You need the key to enable the quick-release handle to turn, releasing the accessory.

Q: What is the size of the Rack connector?

A: A detachable rack connector (square tube receiver) is used for any type of rack connection. This standard accessory comes in the 2” tube receiver. The 1 ¼” receiver is available upon request.

Q: What is Trailer Mode or Tow Mode?

A: Tow Mode, or Trailer mode is a software provided by car manufacturers that disables some Autopilot features such as Autopark and Autosteer, as well as rear parking sensor functionality. In addition, the following features operate differently why Tow mode is active:

• Traffic-Aware Cruise Control increases the following distance from the vehicle in front of you.

• Side collision warnings are active but automatic steering interventions are disabled.

• The braking force provided by Automatic Emergency Braking may be limited. Therefore, stopping distance may increase

Regardless, EV Stealth Solutions does not recommend to our customers activating autopilot when towing for safety reasons.

Q. What is the clearance once the hitch and tow bar is installed?

A: The factory SR/LR Tesla M3, the hitch will have about a 200mm clearance. The tongue and ball attachment then rises to 300mm. See pictures below.

Q: Is a cut-out required?

A: Check underneath your rear bumper (rear fascia or gravel guard) to see if there is a factory tow bar access cover. If not, a neat and small cut-out is required for the receiver. Note, this is concealed when not in use. Tesla customers can order a "fascia diffuser" directly from their app, which will have a tow bar access cover for approximately AUD $220-$250. It is recommended customers order this before their installation.

Factory made Fascia Diffuser with tow bar access cover

Factory made Fascia Diffuser with tow bar access cover off

Fascia cut-out option