EV Stealth Solutions - Customer Testimonials

Some real time feedback, comments and shared images from our customers below. We continually encourage our customers to share their experience to ensure the wider community appreciates the versatility and capabilities of Electric Vehicles.

"Ev Stealth Solutions supply a quality product, supported by great people. I fitted the product myself with the supplied instructions, took most of a day to do solo, would be quicker with a helper. Michael was available to answer questions as the install progressed and has shown to really stand behind his product. Couldn’t be happier."

Apr-22, Leith H - QLD

"I was looking for a towbar that I could install myself, and Michael from EV Stealth Solutions was both super helpful with some advice and lightning fast in his response to my initial enquiry. The included instructions were more than sufficient for someone with a basic knowledge of cars, and the product is very easy to install. It is well engineered and the knowledge that it has gone through the process of being tested by local engineers to meet the local regulatory requirements is a big plus"

Apr-22, Alex F - ACT

"Great communication, service & product. Very easy & pleasant to deal with"

Mar-22, John V - NSW

"Excellent communications and the installer was very knowledgeable of the car and was efficient with the install. I am very happy with the stealth tow bar. It was just what I needed on my Tesla Model 3"

Mar-22, Neil P - NZ

"Amazing piece of work from EV Stealth Solutions. Delivery was quick. Installation was done fast and neat. Installer is very professional and friendly. Wouldn't go for any other installer" (Towbar Discounts ACT)

Feb-22, Raul R - ACT

"Big thanks to EV Stealth Solutions for helping me find the solution for my Mercedes EQC. Mercedes were not helpful in offering any recommendations and after contacting Michael and discussing my needs he was able to source me a tow kit. Problem was there was no one in SA who had experience in fitting one. Michael went above and beyond to speak to a local installer (Hall Towbars) and explain what was required. The kit was sent directly to them and they had it all installed without any issues. I love the fact that I can remove it and you can't even see it would have one. Pulls boat in and out with ease. Excellent result."

Jan-22, Eddy M - SA

"Huge shout out to EV Stealth Solutions for supply, fitment and after fitment support of their hitch receiver and tow ball product. I can’t recommend these guys enough, they went above and beyond for me when I misplaced the keys to the lock and found me a solution very quickly. We recently bought a tinny and towed it back to Sydney from Canberra which wouldn’t have been possible without the help of these guys. "

Jan-22, Aneesh K - NSW

"My experience in car industry is about 8-years as an electrician. Self-Installed and was very impressed with the quality and fitments of the stealth EV bar. It was a a 2021 model 3 and as you can see by the pics all went well"

Jan-22, Scott G - QLD

"All went well thanks. We arrived in QLD yesterday (from ACT) and we had the luggage carrier on for the full 1,200 km and the hitch went well."

Jan-22, Matt Q - ACT

"Great service, very responsible, clear in articulating how it was going to work - highly recommended."

Dec-21, Matt G - QLD

"Michael at EV Stealth provided excellent pre and post sales support for the toe bar that I ordered included additional tips for getting Tesla supplied parts to go with the installation"

Dec-22, Glen B - WA (Self Installation)

"A big "Thank You" to EV Stealth Solutions for providing my Stealth Towbar. The quality of the product is very high with beautiful welding and an excellent finish. They delivered all the components to my door in a very timely fashion. I found the provided instructions were extremely clear with excellent pictures and I needed nothing else. I am delighted with the finished and attached product. My main requirement is to tow a box trailer for picking up heavy goods and for transporting materials to the recycling centre. The Stealth Towbar and Tesla Model 3 is a perfect trouble-free combination."

Dec-21, David K - NSW (self installation)

"Macarthur Prestige Body Shop (Tesla Approved) service interaction - Really good, very hospitable and friendly. A professional outfit. Quality of job - very good. Total weight tested approx. 900kg, tongue weight approx. 100kg. The car tows wonderfully - better than our hybrid SUV"

Nov-21, Omar K - NSW (Tesla Model S)

"Everything went well with the fitting at Chatswood. George and his team, looked after me and my car and the final product is fantastic! I can finally sell my ICE car that I was holding onto just for the Towbar."

Nov-21, Troy G - NSW

"Tesla tows a treat! great to have this fitted at Tow Link, Wangara WA. Took about 4 hours and was painless (relatively 😉 ). Apparently the US models have the panel that can be removed for the installation of the Stealth hitch- the more recent Chinese models need to have an opening made in the rear plastic flashing under the rear of the car. Also great to see the underneath of the M3 whilst she was up in the air!"

Nov-21, Wendy W- WA

" I received the tow bar very quickly from the guys in Sydney. I chose to install it myself as I have had extensive experience in working on and wiring cars over the last 30+ years, so no big deal. Appears the power consumption went up by around 45% (as expected). The trailer handled superb! It is the best tracking tow I have ever done in 35 years of driving trailers. Quietest ride ever."

Nov-21, Rob G- VIC (Self Installation)

"I’m very happy with outcome. Great service provided by Zac at Budget Towbars (Melbourne). I’ll definitely use him again. Great family business. Tesla doesn’t notice the trailer from a performance perspective and range is hardly affected. It’s a very light trailer."

Nov-21, Mark B - VIC

"I have got the tow bar mounted and most of the wiring done, just need to tap the lights. There is very little information on the forums for 7 pin. I got 12v from the trailer plug tied to the crash bar, I assume that's what everyone does as it definitely doesn't reach the battery. Other than that my trailer safety chain is too short, but I tested it around my property and it handles pretty well"

Nov-21, Adam P - NSW (self Installation)

First New Zealand Installation with our Partners

"I had the first tow bar installed today supplied via EV Stealth Solutions and installed at Precision Autowerk (Auckland). Total install time will be 4-6 hours. Mine took a day and a half as the team at Precision we’re learning and teaching and taking notes. They also got a independent electrician in to check the wiring and safety. Real belt and braces stuff, which I liked. Precision Autowerk customer service was insanely good. And I could phone them and get an update which was nice. The Stealth hardware is really nice. Top end stuff. The kit comes with a 50mm tow ball and can be easily replaced with the kit hitch for bike racks. The best part is the whole bar can be removed from under the car and the plastic plate popped back in. You’d never know there was a tow bar there and the Tesla remains nice and aero slick.

Rated at 1000kgs and 100kgs download"

Oct-21, John F (TOCNZ President) - Auckland, NZ

"All went well - The Tow Bar guys had to reschedule after they got behind, but all was good and I was happy with job and communication.

I have a pod trailer, pic attached. I did a test run and it was great. I think it will get pretty good economy. Also getting a Thule bike rack."

Oct-21, Perran C - VIC

"The install went well, I had help from my father-in-law who is a certified mechanic. We were in a little bit of a rush, but we followed the instructions and had the towbar install completed in about an hour and a half. The most difficult part was finding the wires for the trailer ECU. It would be great if there was some way to use the factory CAN connector to make it plug and play.

We use it to set up a market stall every Sunday and it works well for that. It uses about 80% charge of our Model 3 SR+ to get from home to the markets and back again (110km) around 300Wh/km, double normal usage.

Oct-21, Murray F - QLD (Self Installation)

"Thanks - its awesome! The install was great - Nick had his system and all was perfect. Really glad you pressed ahead with the business and importing. I'm going to keep supporting you anyway I can"

Oct-21 Craig M - QLD

"For anyone wondering about a tow bar- great to have this fitted this morning at Tow Link, WA. Took about 4 hours and was painless. It clicks out very easily. Also great to see the underneath of the M3 whilst she was up in the air!"

Oct-21, Wendy W - WA

"The Stealth Hitch is good quality and is super easy to use. You can’t tell the car has a towbar once it’s removed. Michael was easy to deal with and always friendly. George and the team at Chatswood Prestige did a great job on the fit and we’re very patient during all of the rescheduling while we were in lockdown. I use the hitch regularly for my Yakima Holdup 2 bike rack with 2 DH Mountain bikes. I have also used it with my 4 bike rack and have had no problems. The hitch feels very solid. Definitely recommend"

Oct-21, Matt B - NSW

"The team were flexible with my installation dates around issues I had with the car. The day of the installation was pain free and the training on how to use the tow ball was perfect. Highly recommended the team. I have towed my bikes and furniture on a 7x4 trailer"

Sep-21, Paul B - VIC

"The EV Stealth Solutions hitch receiver makes it easy to carry bikes using a hitch mounted bike rack. My Thule Apex connects to the car in a few minutes. The hitch adapter is also easy to install and uninstall, when uninstalled the car looks like a regular model 3. Purchase and install was straightforward, EV Stealth Solutions imports the hitch/tow bar and Chatswood Prestige fits them in a day. Overall great service from Michael and George."

Sep-21, Pete G - NSW

"That was very quick! The ski is 389kg plus trailer. I drove GC to Brisbane. It pulls fine. No Worries".

Sep-21, Tim N - QLD

"Tesla Model S - "Very happy with yesterday’s installation. The guys did a great job and paid great attention to protecting my car from any minor buffs or scratches. My car looks immaculate and I’m satisfied with the outcome."

Sep-21, Luke C - QLD

" Purchase and installation were excellent. It was all completely smooth, and Paulo came when he said he would (in fact slightly earlier) and had it all done in our driveway in about two hours. Great service."

Sep-21, Bruce S - ACT

"The Stealth hitch fits perfectly on my Model 3. When not in use it is completely concealed and protected from dirt under the removable cover."

Sep-21, Hai T – SA

"I did a bit of testing this weekend. Overall it was great - really easy to attach and remove the hitches. Really appreciate how easy it's been, and all the organising you did on your end. Made for a smooth process. Dave was great too."

Sep-21, Matt M - SA

"Towbar all fitted without hassle. Pleased I didn’t attempt it myself. Good to have people that know Teslas. I particularly like the fact that the hitches can be completely removed from the tow bar itself - the car looks as if it hasn’t got one at all when this is done."

Sep-21, John M - QLD

"Bit of a gamechanger for me today. For the first time I did not have to hook up the trailer to the gas guzzling Ranger to fetch my hay. Towing was a breeze! Thanks to EV Stealth Solutions"

Aug-21, Lisa T - QLD

"Overall, it was a good experience and the install was fast and efficient. Tried the tow bar out and it worked great. With the small box trailer, it seemed to decrease range by about 25-30%, which we are pretty happy about. Glad that putting a tow bar on the model 3 is an option in Australia, as it would have been a deal breaker for us."

Aug-21, Will S - QLD

" After delays due to sickness and then lock down, we finally have a Stealth Hitch! Great job by Zac at Budget Towbars in Keilor East and EV Stealth Solutions."

Aug-21, Jill C - VIC

"So this happened last Friday. A big thanks to Michael from EV Stealth Solutions in Sydney and for Adelaide Motor Body Repairs."

Aug-21, Rex R - SA

"The whole process was smooth from start to finish, I ordered and had an install date in minutes. The fit and finish is perfect and super neat and stock. I love that I can remove the hitch and hide it! Team was great providing compliance certificates and engineering documents"

Aug-21, Brian D - VIC

"A massive thank you to Michael at EV Stealth Solutions and Nick at Positive Auto Power for all their work in making this towing solution a reality. A great product and excellent service."

Jul-21, Peter A - QLD

“I’m really happy with the Stealth Hitch. Paulo (Towbar Discount- ACT) completed the installation and did a great job. It has worked flawlessly and I would recommend EV Stealth Solutions to anyone looking for a high quality towing solution”

Jul-21, Olivier V - ACT

"Team came this morning, and was very pleasant to deal with, and very knowledgeable with the car. Nick did a great job."

Jul-21, Matt B - QLD

"I recently had a Stealth Hitch installed in Melbourne, purchased and organised through Michael at #evstealthsolutions. I'm very happy with the result and Michael was great to deal with. It only takes a couple of minutes to remove the tow bar when you're not using it."

Jul-21, Steven J - VIC

"Many thanks for setting me up with an awesome Stealth Hitch! Perfect job, when not in use impossible to tell it's even there. EV motoring just stepped it up a notch! Thanks Michael, and Nick for the flawless installation"

Jun-21, Dave P - QLD

"Drove like a dream ! ……. Loving the Stealth Hitch …….the eMTB coming along for the ride !"

Jun-21, Mark - QLD

"Thanks Michael from EV Stealth and Zac from Budget Towbars Vic. Hidden when not using and practical when in use, this stealth hitch/towball combination is the right solution for my family"

Jun-21, Josh S - VIC

"Many thanks to Michael at EV Stealth Solutions for helping me to be the first in WA to have my Tesla Model 3 fitted with a stealth hitch by their approved fitters Tow-Link. Great experience beginning to end and the stealth hitch is perfect for my heavy duty cycle carrier. So good that when not in use you cannot tell the Stealth is installed so doesn't spoil the look of the car. Highly recommended."

Jun-21, Peter W - WA

"It was a pleasure dealing with Michael of EV Stealth Solutions for supplying a compliant Stealth Hitch. His Canberra fitter Paulo from Towbar Discounts did a great job fitting it".

Jun-21, Daryl B - ACT

"Hi Mike, everything went well today. The boys did a great job. Great Experience"

Jun-21, Kaushik S - NSW

"I had my Ecohitch with wiring installed on Thursday at Chatswood Prestige! Michael organised everything and they were expecting me. It was a painless process. You can't even tell it's installed when the receiver is removed, it's all hidden under the Tesla's cover. Thanks Michael."

May-21, Brenda S - NSW

"The Weekends are back... Thanks to a post here on TOCA, I was able to connect with Michael who help me bring some joy back to the kids! Just wanted to say thanks to Michael and George and the team at Chatswood Prestige for making this happen! It was seemless and they did a great job on the install.

I know there are different options for the Model S and 3, but it is great to know there are professional people out there that can help when you don’t want / can’t do it yourself!"

May-21, Laurence T - NSW

"Professional service and communication from both Michael and George. Very happy with my Stealth Hitch for my Tesla Model 3. A great solution for our bike loving family of 4. Thank you again."

Apr-21, Michelle S - NSW